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Our mobile app will validate if the branded item is authentic. Download today and buy genuine brands. The app will direct you to the shop nearest to you. Buy quality without doubt.


Android now available. Coming soon - iOS and Windows.

Validate the authenticity of the ACCODE

Every brand registered as genuine and authentic will give you an ACCODE. Validate on the app if the item is really genuine and from licensed supplier. Use the unique ACCODE appended on the label of the item. Report any invalid product.

Report fake brands

Any invalid ACCODE is a fake brand. Report to the brand owners. If you can't find ACCODES on your favorite brands, ask the shop owner to stock genuine products with an ACCODE.

Shop directions

Find shops or locations with your favorite brands. From Google map you can get direction to shop. Shopping for your brand has never been easier.

Safe medication

Fake medicine kill many people every year. Check if that medication is genuine and stay safe. Take control of your life, use quality and validate it is genuine.

Validation of the unique ACCODE

From your smart phone, you can validate the ACCODE found on a branded goods. Should you find the ACCODE invalid, please report immediately for brand to be aware of imitations and substandard goods. Also report uniform codes as ACCODEs are unique and clearly labelled "ACCODE".

Registration of authentic brands

Authentic brands can be registered by owners and their customers will be able to validate authenticcodes from mobile phones. This service is universal and a great deal of effort to ensure that only licenced and branded products are registered.

Registration of shops & location

Are you distributing branded goods with ACCODES. Register your shop and our Clients who know quality will visit your shop. Let quality talk right to your door step! Let your brand location feature on the authenticCode app. Contact US!

Validation of branded goods

All branded goods can be validated from the mobile application. This service is universal for licence, patented or copyrighted products. To avoid your brand from being imitated register it such that your customers will know when brand is imitated.

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  • This app will separate genuine from imitations!

    — Fredrick Chihata, CEO of Authenticcode;

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